What do we do ?

We specialize in on the spot gift customization ! 

Be it a gift for yourselves, a decoration to put at home, we have something which will suite your theme.


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Bulk Orders / Corporate Gifts

We have the experience and skills necessary to suit your theme or event ! Be it invitation cards, door gifts, customer gifts and many more !

Terrarium Workshops

We provide external workshops at any venue specified by you for any event, occasion or team building etc.


Our Story

To Your Story

It all started with a card, handmade by my lovely wife for our anniversary. The card was packed full with the warm greeting of love and care. From there our love evolved into a passion to share the warmth through a card - a love story of your own for your loved ones.

Then, we expanded into terrariums - to recreate our most memorable scene in a pot, where we can revisit it everyday by just admiring it. It feels even sweeter when you see your terrarium growing - representing a growth of your love towards each other.

At Be Crafty, we believe in expressing your care, your love and your heartfelt wishes, be it a card or terrarium, specially designed by you and carefully handmade by us so that your designs are expressed just the way you want it to be.

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17 petir road Singapore Singapore 678278

+65 90161065


+65 90161065

17 petir road Singapore Singapore 678278